CHIAROSCURO/noun: light and shade which enhances character and dramatic effect


CHIAROSCURO, located in Oxford, was founded in 2000.  We are dedicated to:

  • Producing high quality contemporary and classical texts and promoting and developing exciting new writing.
  • Committing to honesty and depth of playing and risk taking.
  • Presenting audiences with the best in writing and design combined with stunning performance. 
  • Nurturing future generations of theatre professionals by providing young people with the opportunity to perform alongside experienced actors in high quality productions.

We believe in accessibility and the inclusion of all, on and offstage.

Question your assumptions.

Vulnerability is strength.

Trendiness is not style.

Life is not a rehearsal.

Technical Director, Rachel Hunthas worked with CHIAROSCURO from the beginning both as an actor and as a technician.

Artistic Director, Gail Sawyer, trained at Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art (now part of the Central School of Speech and Drama) in London, the University of Maryland, and the Studio Theatre Conservatory in Washington, DC.  She has performed professionally in the US and UK and has taught acting for over 20 years at places such as the Oxford Playhouse and the Theatre at Chipping Norton, as well as workshops for schools and the RSC.  Since 2006 she has been teaching a summer school programme for Japanese students at Keio University.